Interactive POS Projection

Written by on June 13th, 2013 // Filed under Design, Digital, Unique

Through out the past year technology is always advancing today’s lifestyle from home, work and now in store.

Recently I have seen a new innovative technology that changes shoppers user experience in store which engages shoppers to interact with the product. This is a complete turn key solution that, when activated by a shoppers touch, creates a dynamics in store digital media and product sample experience. According to the Retail Blogger (, marketers, retailers and agencies need to merge channels to bring the online experience in store. Give customers the immediacy of information and the depth online offers, at the point of sale.

What’s great is you can now blend physical displays showing products, and add the engagement and interaction of digital content. The latest interactive projections turn any existing surface into a multi touch, multi user interface.

Every project is backed with an analytics system that tracks and records all interactions, identifies which products are accessed, time stamps each interaction and identifies which store and display. You can filter data by date, store or display and upload to cloud servers, via a wireless or wired connection.

Start engaging shoppers, the way they should be engaged.

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