Paramount Pictures

Transformers 3

Online Digital Campaign

Paramount Pictures has briefed me to design a dynamic and effective online digital campaign for Transformers 3 releasing onto DVD and Blu-ray.

Meet the very first Ninemsn Tornado homepage Takeover!
To create an impact online I am the first person to build a unique Tornado Homepage Takeover on Ninemsn. The Tornado Homepage Takeover transforms and twist Ninemsn’s homepage into the Transformer 3 web banner.

The digital campaign consists of developing side skins, multiple standard & expandable banners which has been placed on numerous sites, video pre-rolls, marquees, homepage takeovers, mobile banners and Facebook ads. We also manage and deliver all final materials with the media agency and publishers.

My responsibilities is to design concepts to completion, delivered on time and monitoring budgets and schedules, managing internal and client stakeholders and maintaining up to date reporting. Presented project documentation which includes wireframes, storyboarding, prototyping, user flows, tech and functional specs.

Skills & Responsibilities
>  Art Direction
>  Storyboarding
>  Design Execution
>  Animation
>  Project Management
>  Deliver to publishers



Transformers 3